Wavy Hair Extensions in NYC, New York, NJ, CT is a dynamic style for long lasting, curly hair. This hair style is a natural curl that is soft and very manageable. It arrives with a soft curl but when wet, it becomes and even deeper texture. The light texture of the Wet & Wavy is a dream to wear and maintain. Wavy Hair Extensions in NYC, New York, NJ, CT are the best way to add length, volume and highlights to your natural hair. New York Wavy extensions salons in the field will have well trained stylists who understand the emotional components of hair loss during chemotherapy and radiation. We work closely with their customers to ensure that all needs are met.


Bangs work for almost all textures, but it is most suitable for wavy extensions. They are flattering on long, oval and heart shaped faces. Bangs, especially when they are choppy, are a great way to soften a strong jaw line. They look the best when they are long, and skim just along the brows which help in accentuating the eyes. Thick, softly layered bangs are ideal for people with wavy hair. They should be very blunt and perfectly straight with no layers. To give the hairstyle some extra oomph, tease the crown with a large curling iron to create loose barrel curls in the front, and on haphazard sections around your head. Run your fingers through your hair to get a tousled look. Read more about hairstyles with bangs and layered hairstyles with bangs.

Wavy Hair Extensions in NYC, New York, NJ, CT are popular, especially with celebrities, such as Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria and Mischa Barton, flaunting them. There are several ways to attach wavy extensions for a long, luxurious mane, including sew-ins, clip-ins and glue bonding. Latex glue bonding is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to attach wavy extensions. When bonding hair, it is important to remember to use only human hair extensions. Synthetic hair becomes tangled easily, and cannot be washed and dried in the way of human hair.

Wavy Hair Extensions in NYC, New York, NJ, CT salon, the hair extension is weaved into natural hair with the help of threads. The threads alone create a track along which the hair extensions are sewn. Patricia NY Weaves hair extensions are tiny hidden braids that hold hair extensions against the scalp. This wavy extension can apply tension and add uneven weight to your natural hair where they are attached to your natural hair. There is a special concern when washing your hair or when swimming or participating in other activities where your hair gets wet. Because it’s very hard to dry hair that’s under the braids, some people with weaves don’t wash their hair as often.

Patricia Hair Extensions Salon has been called the hair extension capital in the country and is the only human hair extensions in the country which has all the latest and the best facilities for hair extension. In Patricia Hair Extensions Salons extensions your own hair is not damaged. The attachment of patented human hair extension to your own hair offers you perfect freedom and style in organizing your leisure time and in your freedom of action but in no way compromises to get the quality of your own hair styles. When you walk in for a consultation, our hair experts look at your hair, and based on your hair type, texture, goals, and budget, we will suggest you to go for one of the best from our sixty different hair extension types and this is going to be right for you.

When looking for wavy extensions Salons, Wavy Hair Extensions in NYC, New York, NJ, and CT salon is the best extensions salon in the country. Wavy extensions salon in New York will have hundreds of before and after pictures of actual clients. Our team at New York Wavy extensions salon has owned professional high end hair salons and all our experts and stylists have extensive experience and each are fully qualified to give you the beautiful hair extension that you desire. Besides these main types of hair extensions, Patricia hair extensions salon NY offers all the types and variety of quality hair extensions. We have salons across the country and located in New York City, Manhattan, NY, NYC area and we do give service to the people they are from NY, NJ, CT, Queens, Long Island, Astoria, Westchester, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island areas.

Wavy Hair Extensions in NYC, New York, NJ, CT
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