Strand by Strand Hair Extensions is one of the methods used to attach hair to your own hair through hair extensions. Micro cylinder hair extensions, Nano ring hair extensions, Micro link hair extensions and some more hair extensions uses this Strand by Strand hair extensions. In these hair extensions small strands of hairs are attached to your own hair one by one in a proper proportion to make your hair look thick and give you startling appearance.

Strand by Strand extensions


Patricia hair salon utilizes only finest quality of human hair for all types of hair extensions. Our hair extensions promote the growth and health of your natural hair. The Strand by Strand hair extensions use ring and hand tied methods to add hair to your own hair with extensions. Like all the other hair extensions Strand by Strand method also have different colors, styles and texture in hairs. Hair Extensions are the ultimate accessory for women in their hair. Every woman should be proud about their hair with Patricia hair salon and its hair extensions.

Strand by Strand Hair Extensions
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