Microlink Hair Extensions

Microlink Hair Extensions is a word used frequently, and most people do not know what microlink hair extensions are, how they work, and what the advantages of microlink hair extensions area.  Microlink hair extensions are hair extensions that are reusable, and are called adjustable hair extensions.  A short summary of microlink, micro link, shrinky, shrinkie, link hair extensions is the following: it is an adjustable based hair extensions system, that you place small amounts of hair extensions in strategic locations around the hair.  The hair is then connected to your own hair using a small metal link, that is very tiny and hard to detect. The hair can be adjusted closer to your scalp every two months or so.

Microlink Hair Extensions

OK, what is the advantage of a Micro Link, Microlink Hair Extensions?  The advantage is that you can re-use the hair.  The hair can last a year or year and a half, so you can can get it re-adjusted closer to your scalp.  This can save you money in the long run.  You also can avoid heat that might be damaging to your hair when done incorrectly at amateur hair extension salons.  The main disadvantage is that the links can loosen and your hair extension pieces will come out faster that lets say fusion hair extensions, especially if your hair is oily and greasy.

Microlink Hair Extensions1

I recommend going to a top of the line hair extensions salon, where you can get a free consultation, and go over what are going to be the best hair extension options for your hair. If you are in the New York, NY, NYC we recommend Patricia’s Famous Hair Extensions Salon. They are the World’s Best Hair extensions salon, and perform over 70 different hair extension types, and about 8 different MicroLink, Micro Link, link based hair extension types.  They will give you a free hair extensions consultation, and go over what hair extension technique is going to be the best for your hair. They are located in New York, NY in Astoria, Queens, New york city.  They are minutes from Manhattan, NJ, CT, Long Island, Westchester, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island.  They also have visitors from Philadelphia, Boston, Europe, London, England, France, etc.

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