Patricia Hair Salon in New York provides plenty of hair extension methods to women and to their hair issues. Hair Extensions have many methods for attachment of imitation hair to your natural hair. Strand by Strand methods, Weft method, Clip in hair method are some of the Hair Extensions methods. In Strand by Strand hair extensions it has two methods for attaching hair one is with glue and other is with non glue for attaching hair. The glue method gives you tiny bonds that will increase your hair volume. This hair will last up to four months. In non glue method strands are attached to your hair using threads.

Mixed Shades extensions

Next one is Weft hair extension methods it is a group of hair attached to the top and rest is left opened. It has two methods Braid and Weaved method. Braid is formed in your own hair and weft is attached to your hair. In weaved your hair is weaved using thread.

Another hair extension method is Clip in hair extensions in this extension can be clipped easily to your hair. The best part about this method is can be easily removed at anytime without any harm. If you want a hair salon with the most hair extension methods, Patricia Hair salon is the one and only best choice to select.

Hair Extension Method