Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Great Lengths Hair Extensions is one of the Best Hair extensions types in the world, if not the best hair extensions type. The quality of their hair is amazing, no one can match their huge scope of hair buying and processing. They have not let time erode their leading edge. They have been on top of their game for many years. Great Lengths is one of the top hair extensions used by celebrities. Great Lengths hair is used by the who’s who of the hair extensions elite.

When choosing what hair extension type to use, we recommend going for the best you can afford. Great Lengths hair extensions is a premium brand, so Great Lengths extensions are always going to cost more than other type of hair extensions. You pay for the hair quality, which is amazing, known for its easy to maintain nature.

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There are many Great Lengths Hair Extensions salons, I believe there are over 8000 Great Lengths hair extensions salons worldwide. What to look for then in a Great Lengths Salon? Easy, Make sure they do all 3 different Great Lengths Hair Extensions types. Great Lengths Hair Extensions comes in 3 types:

Great Lengths Hot Fusion
Great Lengths Cold Fusion
Great Lengths Air Pressure Multi-Strand

A Great Lengths salon that knows all 3 Great Lengths Hair extensions methods, are going to be the most trained by Great Lengths. They are going to have the highest skill, due to training. You also want to make sure they were one of the first salons to offer all 3 Great lengths systems. Finally make sure they have tons of before and after pictures.

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Based on the above requirements, we recommend Patricia’s Famous Hair Extensions Salon. They are located in New York, NY, NYC minutes from NJ, CT, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester and Long Island. They are also close to Philadelphia and Boston. They do over 70 different hair extension types, and do all 3 Great Lengths Hair extensions types. They were one of the first 10 to offer all 3 Great Lengths types, and have hundreds of Great lengths before and afters on their website.

They can be reached at

Patricia’s Hair Extensions Salon
30-71 Steinway St
Astoria, NY, 11103


Great Lengths Hair Extensions