Fusion Hair Extensions

What are fusion hair extensions? People use the word fusion hair extensions, and not many people now what fusion hair extensions area.  In a short summary, Fusion Hair Extensions are the process of fusing small amount of hair, strategically throughout your hair, to make your hair long, fuller, or both.  The fusion bonding agent for fusion hair extensions is either one of the following: keratin, polymers, silicon, wax, glue, etc.  What makes the fusion hair extensions activate is either, heat, ultrasonic radio waves, flux technology, air pressure, etc.  This is a short description of what fusion hair extensions area.


Fusion types:

Heat Fusion Hair Extensions: When the in between agent of your hair and the hair extensions is activated with a heat tip, the process is called Hot Fusion Hair Extensions. This is where a heat point from a hot fusion hair extension machine is pressed on the hair bonding’s.  This pressing activates the fusion process, and makes the hair extension take hold.

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions: Cold fusion hair extensions is becoming all the rage in the hair extension world.  It uses no heat in the hair extension activation process.  Instead, a cold tip is used.  It can be activated with ultrasonic radio waves, air pressure, flux fusion, etc.


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