Ethnic hair extensions are the hottest items of today’s beauty industry. Ethnic hair extensions method is mainly for non Caucasian women. Patricia hair extensions salon in New York, New Jersey, Manhattan, Astoria, Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn and Bronx offers many different types of ethnic hair extensions that is ethnic textured straight, ethnic straight body, ethnic wet and wavy. Patricia’s hair extension salon is having veteran stylists for all different types of hair extensions

Ethnic Hair Extensions

In Patricia’s hair extension salon, ethnic textured straight is a beautiful texture style with great body and movement without much sheen. It can be styled straight, or roller set into a smooth curl or can be curled for an infinite number of different styles. Textured Straight is the natural luster of freshly pressed look relaxed hair. Smoother hair than this is not possible. Ethnic straight body process is a texture with a hint of body wave is soft to the touch with full body and sheen. It can be worn naturally straight, but will also hold a firm curl or other variation. This hair extension will deliver long lasting quality without shedding or tangling. Ethnic wet and wavy hair extension is a dynamic style for long lasting, curly hair. This style is a natural curl that is soft and very manageable. It arrives with a soft curl but when wet, it becomes and even deeper texture. The light texture of the Wet & Wavy is a dream to wear and maintain.

So if you are looking for Ethnic Hair extensions, an ethnic hair extensions salon, ethnic hair extensions textures, and are in the NYC, NY, New York, NJ, CT, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx areas, visit Patricia’s Famous Hair Salon today.

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